Yulia was born in Moscow in 1981. Before following her artistic career, she studied law and worked as a legal counsel in Citigroup. In 2005, following her passion for art, she completed a two-year programme in the History of Art at the Russian State University of Moscow. After attending courses of academic painting and graduating from the Russian-Italian Perotti Art School in 2009, Yulia decided to pursue her professional development as an artist.


In 2011 Yulia relocated to Switzerland with her family, and currently lives near Montreux on lake Geneva, where she works from her home studio.


Yulia spent significant time using impressionist and botanical styles before she discovered her current artistic direction. She was impressed by the essence of the painting process, the sketches, the transparency of the forms and their free lines. She realised that the combination of structured backgrounds, bright layers and transparent figures resulted in exactly what she wanted to express - inner forces, energy and motion.

Her new series of works combine figurative and abstract forms which send strong messages to the viewers and involve them to live the moment and to share the emotions. 


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